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The Man Behind Group

Every business group has its pioneer, philosopher, creator and mentor, and this story comes with HP Group hotels as well. Mr. Hirakant Patil is the man behind of this successful HP Group. He has started his career in early age working in hotel as a worker. But, because of his great passion and ambition he jumped in the trade line business and worked there as salesman. Nothing has stopped him as a salesman and with his talent and consciousness he took one hotel under his management. He successfully managed that hotel and brought profitable business to that hotel.

Thereon, he got the right path in his career and after that he acquires another hotel. This story continues until he formed a group by his own name and possessing 4 distinctive properties under his group. He has strong belief in extreme passion, hardwork, teamwork and empathy towards his employees. With his great Social and compassionate nature he stands many life of his employees and workers.

His philosophy - "To put everything you earn into the same business to grow more of it."

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